Former President Donald Trump’s love of fast food has been well-documented.Instagram

Donald Trump reportedly had McDonald’s brought to the hospital while he had COVID-19 in October 2020.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said she read the detail in Mark Meadows’ upcoming book.

The former president’s love of fast food has been well-documented.

Former President Donald Trump had McDonald’s brought to Walter Reed hospital while he was treated for COVID-19 in October 2020, reports say.

The details have reportedly been included in an upcoming book by Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff, seen by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

“Trump had McDonald’s brought to Walter Reed after the Regeneron started kicking in, per Meadows,” Haberman wrote on Twitter.

While infected with COVID-19, the former president took the experimental antibody drug Regeneron to treat his symptoms.

“They had to eat with face shields on at the doctor’s orders, which didn’t thrill any of them,” she added.

The former president’s love of fast food has been well-documented.

Trump’s standard order at McDonald’s consisted of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and chocolate malt, according to a book by his former campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

The order totals nearly 2,500 calories or about one day’s worth of food for a man his age.

He is also reportedly a fan of the McDonald’s breakfast, which he would eat during his 2016 presidential campaign, and was known to serve fast food at the White House on occasion.

The former president reportedly loves fast food in part because of a “longtime fear” of being poisoned, Michael Wolff wrote in his book “Fire and Fury.”

He also reportedly believes that McDonald’s is cleaner than many other restaurants.

The latest detail from Meadows’ book comes after a bombshell revelation about the former president’s COVID diagnosis.

The Guardian reported that Meadows’ book reveals that Trump tested positive, then negative, for COVID-19 three days before his first presidential debate against then-candidate Joe Biden.

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Trump responded with a statement claiming, “The story of me having COVID prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News.”

Meadows later told Newsmax that he agreed with Trump: “The president’s right. It’s fake news.”

The former chief of staff has long been a loyal supporter of former President Trump.

In October, Trump said Meadows’ book would be an “incredible Christmas present” for those who “want to learn about politics, truth, our great administration.”

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