FILE PHOTO: President Donald Trump pulls off his protective face mask as he poses atop the Truman Balcony of the White House after returning from being hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center, October 5, 2020.REUTERS/Erin Scott/File Photo

Trump is upset that Mark Meadows wrote about his appearance while he had COVID-19.

Meadows wrote in his new book that Trump had “red streaks” in his eyes and “his hair was a mess.”

“This guy is talking about what I look like, in my bedroom,” Trump told an advisor, per The Post.

Former President Donald Trump is unhappy with his ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows because he wrote in his new book about Trump’s appearance while he was sick with COVID-19, according to a Washington Post report published on Wednesday.

Meadows wrote that Trump had “red streaks” in his eyes and “his hair was a mess” while he was ill in bed at the White House. Meadows also described Trump as wearing a T-shirt, which was “the first time I had seen him in anything other than a golf shirt or a suit jacket.”

“This guy is talking about what I look like, in my bedroom,” Trump recently complained to an advisor, according to The Post.

Meadows had gone to Trump’s bedroom to convince him to go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he could receive further treatment for COVID-19. Trump was hesitant, but ultimately agreed, according to Meadows.

These scenes are from Meadows’ book “The Chief’s Chief,” which came out last week and has sparked national headlines with new revelations that Trump tested positive for coronavirus on September 26, 2020, three days before his first presidential debate against then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden — information that was not revealed to the public at the time. Meadows, worried that it could’ve been a false-positive result, advised Trump to take a second test, which came back negative, Meadows wrote. Trump proceeded to attend a campaign rally, the debate, and other events, potentially coming in contact with some 500 people, The Post found.

But days later, when Trump’s aide Hope Hicks and first lady Melania Trump tested positive, Trump got tested again, and the result was positive, which he announced on October 1. He was taken to Walter Reed the next day.

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Meadows praises Trump and portrays him in a positive light in the book, but some of its content has upset the former president. In a statement earlier this month, Trump said that the “story of me having COVID prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News. In fact, a test revealed that I did not have COVID prior to the debate.” The Post also previously reported that Trump was “furious” that Meadows included the anecdote in his book.

“The president’s right. It’s fake news,” Meadows told Newsmax in response to Trump’s statement. He did not, however, mention a specific report.

“If you actually read the book, the context of it, that story outlined a false positive. He literally had a test, he had two other tests after that that showed he didn’t have COVID during the debate, and yet the way that the media wants to spin it is certainly to be as negative about Donald Trump as they can possibly can, while giving Joe Biden a pass,” Meadows said.

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